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Library Leadership Training Toolkit

Instructor Led Training + Website


  • Training Handbook
  • PowerPoint Slides
  • Learner Workbook
  • Website
  • Videos for Trainers


I joined a 2-year grant funded project with the goal of creating a freely available Leadership Training Program for librarians that could be used anywhere in the world by any trainers – regardless of whether they’d gone through the training or not. 

This involved people from different cultures, languages, and with varied access to technology. Talk about a fun challenge!



I was responsible for developing all of the training materials, designing and creating a website, producing videos, facilitating and filming trainings around the world, and working with Subject Matter Experts from different countries. I also assisted with the development of the curriculum and activities. 

To ensure that the content would be relevant in different places, we piloted the training in 15+ countries in Asia, Africa, Europe, and Central America. We then gathered feedback and continued to edit, translate, and streamline the content each time. To help localize the training, I added in specific places where local facilitators could add their own pictures and examples. 

To support future facilitators, I created a website that housed all of the training materials, including Facilitator Guides, “Getting Started” checklists, and workbooks. I also created short videos for each training section that future facilitators can use to prepare and learn the content. 

As of 2017, over 750 librarians around the world had gone through the training. 




Video Sample:

PowerPoint Sample

Training Handbook: