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Marketing & Advocacy in Public Libraries

Instructor-Led Training


  • Content Outline
  • PowerPoint Slides
  • Learner Handouts


In 2017 I was tasked with creating a workshop on Marketing & Advocacy in Public Libraries for a group of 17 visiting Romanian and Moldovan Librarians at the University of Illinois. The goal was to provide the learners baseline knowledge and skills that they could use to better market their libraries and communicate their libraries’ value.

Most of the learners did not speak English, and I did not have any experience with marketing and advocacy prior to creating this workshop. I also wanted to ensure that the information and resources shared would be relevant and accessible in their home countries.


I began by consulting Subject Matter Experts from Romania and the United States. I also conducted research online to understand how Marketing & Advocacy applied to Public Libraries in the US, Moldova, and Romania. 

To make the content both relevant and inspiring, I decided to use examples from all over the world in the workshop, and I also invited the former Interim director of the National Library of Romania to share her experiences with Marketing and Advocacy. This helped strengthen the relevancy of the content and also got the learners excited about the topic. 

I worked with a translator to translate the PowerPoint and handouts into Romanian, and I also facilitated through a translator. To ensure the workshop was clear and engaging , I designed group discussion and activities into the session so the participants could speak in their native languages and share ideas with each other.

The learners left with actionable and realistic Marketing / Advocacy ideas that they could implement in their libraries. The workshop was also added to the organization’s repository so it could be conducted in the future.